How we started


How we started – oh my, that’s a loaded question!  What started out as looking for a small greenhouse to overwinter some of our citrus plants and start our own seedlings for the garden, turned out to be an adventure into almost 10,000sf of greenhouse and growing areas!  Now the excitement begins…

In starting out on this adventure, the amount of research, and waiting, and connecting to mostly wonderful people in trying to work out the legalities of the business was consuming to say the least.  Whether you have knowledge of the plant or not, it is the quest for knowledge of the licensing, testing, transporting, and organic policies that will tie you in knots.

Finally, in the spring of 2020, Georgia opened its doors to Hemp Growers Licensing, and you can bet that we were one of the first to go through those doors.  And so far, this is a door that I intend to keep open for a very long time.

We have fifty acres on our homestead, with this amount of land why do greenhouse? Another great question.  We have passion, a tremendous amount of passion about growing, no matter what it is.  In our experience, growing and cultivating specialty plants starts off beautifully outdoors.  However, once summer hits, the rains, winds, and surrounding environments have an affect at some point.  We wanted to grow and craft the highest quality of flower this plant can produce.  Not only that, but we decided that we are not interested in the mass market, but are extremely interested in the boutique, high end, most delicious flower we can put to market.  This meant we had to put our skills and effort to the smaller grows, with the most attention put in quality, not quantity.

Given the harvests we have been through, we cannot imagine how the large farms can do it with the whole process requiring so much attention to detail. The attention paid to each plant in inspection, feeding, harvesting and trimming pays off in incredible terpenes in the end!

And thank Goodness we have such passion, because none of this is easy.  And because of that passion and hard work the results speak for themselves; we wouldn’t trade a day of it.

2020 has been an exceptional year, we’ve heard more times that we’d like to.  Well we want to remember this year for the positives – and Hartwell Ranch has made history in Georgia by being the very first to grow and harvest compliant hemp.  We will retain this place in American History forever!

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