My Experience with CBD Flower as Smokable Flower – General Feeling of Well Being

CBD Hemp Wife

When I first tried smoking CBD hemp, it was not a pleasant experience – it was dry, hoarse, and rough on the throat.  Since then I’ve tried different strains and different farms, some ‘brands’ or ‘farms’ are more exciting than others, and some times just do not do anything for me.  Here I describe my experience with my own CBD hemp:

We own and operate a working farm, with cattle hay fields, fences, barns, dogs, horses, alpacas, large gardens, fruit tree orchards and yards.  Not to mention my passion of all of it – our greenhouses full of incredible hemp plants.  While all this sounds lovely, the work involved in building and maintaining this type of homestead is absolutely endless.  This just gives background to my story.

I had just finished harvesting one of the new crops in the greenhouse, which lasted for 3 days of cutting, trimming, hanging, and cleaning.  On the end of the 3rd day, I was so tired and sore that if I sat down, I know for a fact that I would not get up again with ease.  I remembered that previous crop of Wife had been curing for about 32 days – it is ready to try.  I took special care in grinding a few of the small flowers, and took my long awaited chair anticipating two things:  first, a beautiful smoke on my own greenhouse grown CBD flower, carefully dried and cured; and second being the fact that once I sat down, getting up again is going to be so unpleasant.  I do not smoke cigarettes, but was looking forward to this more than anything.

The smoke – was so smooth, I couldn’t believe what a difference a 30+ day cure and proper dry made to a quality smokable hemp flower.  It had a sweet distinctive taste – Pat Jack once described as sweet cream – and that is exactly what comes to mind in tasting this flower.  Now, upon the second puff I could literally feel the stress leaving my limbs and mental state.  What was once physical and mental stress and total exhaustion turned into a general feeling of well being.  My mental state was completely relaxed, as if everything was right in the world and I was right with it.  Because this was CBD hemp with little to no THC, this was not a high, this was the CBD taking affect in balancing me out.

Now comes the really interesting observation – at that time, the phone rang – and I stood up.  Without pain, without unease, and without the groans and grunts that I was expecting after the days long work-to-the-bone exhaustion that I was expecting.  I could not wait to tell my husband about this experience!  When I went to bed that night, I had the most restful sleep that I had had in memory.

Now, I can make no claims as to the medical benefit that CBD hemp flower may or may not have , however, I can certainly describe one of the most positive experiences I have had in smokable hemp flower.  All I can say is wow – if I was not a believer before, I certainly am now!

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