CBD for Pets


    If you’ve ever had a dog that gets nervous from thunderstorms, this may be the solution to help. Just like in humans, CBD can help so your pet can be calmer when you’re not home.

    Because dogs and humans are similar in physiology, your pets can achieve the same benefits as you from CBD. Hemp-derived CBD will work differently for individual pets, based on their shape, size, age, weight, and overall health. These factors determine how CBD oil for dogs will affect your pet. You may notice a difference after just one or two uses, or it may take longer to see the desired effects. The effect is cumulative, so we recommend allowing at least 30 days of consistent use to see how your pet responds.

    Depending on your pet’s weight, give 1-2 dropper full directly in your pet’s mouth.

    200mg CBD per bottle

    Full Spectrum CBD oil & MCT Oil

    Less than .3% THC

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