DELTA 8 Gummies – 50mg each, 750mg per bag


For those who do not know the amazing benefits of adding Δ8 to your health regimen, check out our blogs.  Each gummy has in incredible 50mg of Delta 8, which is more than enough to achieve the relaxation you are looking for.

For those new to Delta-8, these pack a punch.  Take only half of a gummy about half hour before bed.  Increase if you need, but use only half to start with.  I know these taste really good, but this will prevent any negative experiences.

Delta 8 offers users a euphoric feeling without psychoactive side effects. It allows you to feel relaxed and improve your sleep while still offering a clear enough head for you to be able to focus. It also contains similar pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing benefits as CBD and THC. It is an excellent choice for people who want a step up from your regular CBD varieties without jumping into the harder core cannabis varieties.

For anyone looking to try something new, get ready for something with a major punch that still allows you to function throughout the rest of your day. Put a different way, users report enjoying a focused head with Delta 8 that doesn’t trigger anxiety, paranoia, or confusion throughout any part of the experience.

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