We work hard to maintain organic practices. We produce 2018 Farm Bill compliant flower product using no pesticides or chemical treatments. We use no treatments or additives during our drying, trimming and curing. We simply grow great greenhouse flower. We use ISO accredited and DEA certified testing labs to maintain quality and compliance during pre-harvest and post harvest testing.

smokable hemp


We produce total THC, 2018 Farm Bill compliant smokable hemp flower. Hartwell Hemp takes directions from our plants as we closely watch and care for them personally. Quality Control is exercised during every stage of plant growth, during the harvest and pre-dry hand trimming, (a gentle wet hand trim), and we continue quality control during drying in our controlled environment DTC. Quality control continues through curing and burping, during packaging and during longer term curing, (controlled environment storage). All genetics grown on our farm are state tested for compliance and are lab tested by an ISO and DEA certified testing lab.


Our practice of small batch, craft hemp flower production gives us an advantage over large scale operations. We obtain and grow the finest smokable hemp flower genetics from seed and propagule to produce our total THC compliant flower. The cost of seed or propagule does not drive the choice of our hemp flower genetics. We obtain cured samples of the genetics we wish to grow. We smoke it, we grind it, we smell it, over and over again. We inspect samples under the microscope and produce high quality studio images. We fulfill our promise to the plant, to preserve it's strength and vitality ensuring that only the best of its genetics are grown to maturity for harvest, drying and curing.


There can be no substitute for one's personal relationship with the plant. We will always fuel our passion for production flower in awe of this amazing plant. We are grateful for our opportunity to produce this plant's flower. Having harvested the first commercial hemp crop in Georgia, we know that our team's passion brought us a welcome success for our first flower production efforts. To say our heart is in it is ... well ... that's an understatement. We are Hartwell.


At every step in our processes we grow trichomes, harvest trichomes, hand trim flower to protect trichomes, and low and slow dry and then cure trichomes with gentle handling. We gently package trichomes to ensure the preservation of terpenes for great smokable flower. Flower is the vehicle, the trichomes are the product, the fruit of our labors that smokes smooth and loud.


The fullest spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, the naturally occurring qualities of the hemp flower are available first in the flower. From flower comes all other hemp products. We grow great greenhouse flower to offer you the full spectrum with maximum entourage effect.

Low and Slow
Dry and Cure

We load our dry, cure and trim facility with wet flower gently pre-trimmed by hand. An initial drying period at 64 degrees fahrenheit and 45% relative humidity quickly toughens the trichome cuticle covering the capitate stalked trichome head. This preserves terpenes and cannabinoids throughout the second and seventh days of drying continuing with low and slow drying at 58 degrees fahrenheit and 58-60% relative humidity. Active water is allowed to permeate slowly through the flower homogenizing continually during curing releasing starches, sugars and chlorophyll.

Boutique, Rich and Flavorful

Our genetics selections are specifically made for purpose growing #SmokableHempFlower. Our dry, trim and curing process is OG and old school to preserve all that the plant can offer the grower and all that we are grateful for producing. We do not machine trim, we use scissors and hand trimmers to protect trichomes from the abusive actions of machine trimmers. Trichomes are very delicate, and you will get them all preserved to the best of Hartwell Hemp's ability through standard operating procedures.


We are a small farm in NE Georgia producing small batch, organically grown hemp flower. The CBD is then carefully extracted from this flower to produce the most wonderful full spectrum CBD oil.  With this oil, we are unlimited in our ideas on what to produce – the benefits of CBD in and on your body is still a growing list.

We care about what we produce, and the best reward we get are the stories from the people using our products – we can’t thank you enough!